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Perspectives taps into's partners to provide leading insights on pressing topics shaping the industry. This podcast will feature new analysis on the technology, regulations and best practices that help P&C professionals guide their customers through all facets of the insurance, claims and risk management process.

Nov 19, 2021

Underwriting commercial auto insurance comes with a variety of expenses, including the ordering of a motor vehicle report, which costs $10.32 on average. At the same time, many customers are expecting faster and more accurate quotes. To address these challenges, some insurers are implementing data-first strategies that...

Nov 19, 2021

Many small commercial insurers are leveraging data to make underwriting decisions with greater speed and precision. But some data that’s available is not useful for small commercial insurers and creates extra “noise” for already busy underwriters.

We recently spoke with Tracey Waller, director of small commercial...

Nov 4, 2021

The expectations of insurance customers are changing rapidly, as demand grows for more seamless experiences and less friction during the application process. To meet this demand, many insurers are turning to automated underwriting and looking to reduce the number of questions on an application to zero.

We recently spoke...