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Perspectives taps into's partners to provide leading insights on pressing topics shaping the industry. This podcast will feature new analysis on the technology, regulations and best practices that help P&C professionals guide their customers through all facets of the insurance, claims and risk management process.

Jul 26, 2021

As insurance carriers are looking for ways to modernize their operations, one area that’s ripe for opportunity is claims. Claims organizations are moving away from manual processes, which can lead to inefficiencies, leakage and poor customer experiences. They are looking to capitalize on ways data and automation can...

Jul 6, 2021

Highlights from the June 2 webcast “Seven Insights to Help P&C Insurers Attract and Retain Millennial Policyholders.” This event was sponsored by Invoice Cloud, and featured Angela Abbott, Director of Partnerships - Financial Services at Invoice Cloud. 

The webcast can be found in its entirety on demand at