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Perspectives taps into's partners to provide leading insights on pressing topics shaping the industry. This podcast will feature new analysis on the technology, regulations and best practices that help P&C professionals guide their customers through all facets of the insurance, claims and risk management process.

Dec 10, 2020

Highlights from the October 21 webcast “How to Elevate and Enhance Policyholder Experiences in Property Claims.” This event featured Lisa St. Onge, Senior Assistant Vice President, Claims Executive Department at Amica Mutual Insurance Company; Matt Palczer, Vice President, Property and Subrogation Claims...

Dec 9, 2020

The insurance market is fiercely competitive, and insurance carriers need the ability to test and deploy new technologies with greater speed. The resources required to build technologies from scratch are labor-intensive, and when carriers have a way to shorten the time to market, they achieve a competitive edge. 


Nov 23, 2020

The technology landscape is fast-changing, and as customer demands shift, companies require strategies that help them stay agile. The pandemic has brought to light an urgent need to re-architect the workforce as more people work remotely. Cloud has proved an important tool for successfully making this pivot, as it...

Oct 27, 2020

Highlights from the September 22 webcast “Reimagine Your Claims Process with Future-Proof Technologies.” This event featured Sean Baird, Director of Product Marketing, Nuxeo.


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